Thursday, May 8, 2008

First Cut:

"So what made you interested in a job with the railroad?"

I think I answered her coherently, I'm not sure. I may have blithered a little bit. I'm certain I let at least one small giggle out. Whatever it was I said must have been enough.

I've made the first cut, you see. My resume and application were accepted by the Kansas City Southern Railroad Company, and an HR agent contacted me this afternoon to set up an in-person interview in Baton Rouge on the 13th for the position of Conductor Trainee at the KCS Latanier Yard just outside of town here.

So what I need now, more than anything, is for everyone out there who gives even the slightest whit about me to send good thoughts, pray heartfelt prayers, spin prayer wheels, burn incense or do stuff with your chakra for me.

Steel wheels here I come. I hope.

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