Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sometimes it looks like a freaking Xmas tree out in the Alexandria UP yard.

UP yellow and grey. Faded black and red from old Southern Pacific fallen flags still pulling duty and long consists. Black and white Norfolk Southern Dash 9s are always lurking around in pairs, as are CSX Bright Future and Dark Future units. There's even the brilliant blue and white of GATX leased units around at any time, both small GP38 units for yard and local use and the big boys passing through.

Today, though, it was nuts. Driving to a balloon flight out at LSUA I passed the yard driving along the interstate. I glanced in. Black and white, check. Yellow in scads, check. One lonely black and red SP. Check. A few nice graffiti pieces--an Ichabod The Rail Fiend on a grain hopper, unusual but nothing to dive out of 70mph traffic for.

Coming to the end of the run, though, I had to make a decision--turn around or lose it forever. The most unusual meet of heralds I'd ever seen on a pair of tracks.

Two Companies, One Fallen Flag

An Unlikely Pair Of Faces

Look at those faces! What a comparison. And don't think I wasn't thanking my lucky stars and garters for catching such a mix. An hour later when I drove past again the Retro Belles were long gone, unwilling, perhaps, to hang out in such a Yellow state.

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